Frequently Asked Questions

Here are answers for common questions asked by clients, and some other terms.
for any further questions please use the contact form.


 What is your work time-frame?

The Design process time-frame is based on the Design Type.

Usually all Designs are between 1 to 5 Days, and you will be updated on a regular basis.

 What is your Design process like?

The Design process always starts with a research based on your brief and initial sketches, once this is done the execution of the design is started on Illustrator/Photoshop.

every step of the way will be shared with you.

 What Formats & Resolutions you provide?

High Quality formats, Logos provided in a Vector format which can be re-sized to any size needed.

This includes: 300-600 DPI PSD, EPS, PDF & Other Image Formats such as High Quality JPEG/PNG.

 What happens if I’m not satisfied with a Concept or a Revision?

At Lightpure Design, you can be calm, you will not be left alone until you’re Happy & Satisfied!

Unlimited Concepts & Revisions for any Design Type.

 Will you help me place the Design where I need it?

Of course! if you have any problems sizing the final Design for your needed media, it will be done for you!

This includes Websites, Print or any other kinds of media.

 Do you provide refunds?

Yes, if you decided to cancel the order after the Design is made, 50% of the initial payment is provided.